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Adeptra Acquisition Promises Full-Cycle Decision Management

This morning, we announced that FICO is acquiring Adeptra, a leader in customer engagement and risk intervention solutions. The deal is expected to be completed next month.

I’m excited about this news, because I have seen the value that Adeptra’s technology can add to decision management in areas such as fraud. Going back to 2002, Adeptra’s fraud resolution technology has been integrated with FICO Falcon Fraud Manager for many global clients.

Here’s how it works: Once a suspicious transaction is flagged by Falcon, Adeptra’s system determines the best way to contact the customer to verify the transaction is genuine. Using voice, SMS, email or messaging through mobile apps, the consumer is then contacted in real time, enabling fast resolution of the risk condition. We have seen this reduce losses per case by 50%, based on reaching the consumer faster, and through the channel that the consumer prefers. Adeptra has helped many of our mutual clients improve the experience they provide to their customers. 

With this acquisition, we will be integrating Adeptra customer engagement technology with our other decision management applications as well. This represents an exciting development in decision management, creating a much closer relationship between decisions, actions, and results. It promises to bring banks even better fraud protection, collections performance and risk management.

You can find more information on the acquisition at

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