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The all-new Business Rules Forum!

BRF2007For those of you who have attended the Business Rules Forum in the past should know that this year's event is going to be better than ever. If you have not attended, this is a great way to find out a lot not only about business rules and business rules technology, but also about decisioning and decision management, how rules and decisions fit in SOA and much more. I am speaking twice - once on "Business Rules, Decision Management and Smarter Systems" with Neil Raden, my co-author on Smart (Enough) Systems and once on "Getting It Right. Rules and Requirements in Software" with Scott Sehlhorst who writes a great blog on the subject of requirements over at Tyner Blain.

This year's event has speakers on business rules, semantics, data mining, BI 2.0, decision management, SOA and much more. You can see the full list of presenters, and their companies, here. There is a PDF of the schedule posted and you should not forget the tutorials that run before the main conference as they offer great introductory material for those new to the subject.

You can sign up to receive information on the forum, and win a great free gift by answering a few questions, here.

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