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Another event in the fall

The International RuleML Symposium on Rule Interchange and Applications (RuleML-2007) will take place, October 25-26, 2007, in Orlando, Florida and is co-located with The 10th International Business Rules Forum (at which I am speaking). The folks at RuleML tell me that "RuleML-2007 is devoted to practical distributed rule technologies and rule-based applications which need language standards for rules operating in the context of, e.g., the Semantic Web, Intelligent Multi-Agent Systems, Event-Driven Architectures and Service-Oriented Computing Applications".

Clearly standards is an area of interest to me (see my posts on OMG's Production Rule Representation and the W3C work on RIF). Hopefully the RuleML guys will include those of us working on other standards in the show. Convergence and/or replacement of old standards with/by new ones is in everyone's interested, after all. Apparently a RuleML-2007 Challenge with prizes will be organized to demonstrate tools, use cases, and applications.

For those of you interested in the main show, the brochure for Business Rules Forum is here.

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