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Are You Helping the Fight Against Cyber Crime?

Many people now associate October with the color pink, thanks to the success of the community fighting to find a cure for breast cancer. That shows what awareness for a good cause can do.

Picking a feather from their quiver, I am working with my colleagues here at FICO as well as at the Cyber Center of Excellence (CCOE) to find ways to raise awareness for cyber security.  You see, October is also National Cyber Security Awareness month.

Like breast cancer, cyber security impacts all of us. It’s not just up to the government to write and enforce cyber laws, or banks and merchants to protect our transactions. With the proliferation of connected devices, and the onslaught of all things digital, we all need to be involved in preventing the cyber crime that poses a real threat to adults and children alike.  Never has it been more relevant to have password or data access discussions with our grade schoolers, and to educate ourselves on the benefits of authentication.

Everyone should have the right to enjoy the internet, to transact with confidence and to keep their personal information safe.  At CCOE we are leveraging the state's powerful assets and fostering a cyber secure state (California) and a robust cyber economy. The California Innovation Hub signed into the state’s law last year focuses on ensuring collaboration and innovation exchange, and the CCOE’s collaboration with the California Governor's Cyber Security Task Force links their economic agenda with regional efforts to provide industry best practices in targeted sectors like biotech, clean technology, hospitality, insurance, financial, medical, and retail. The Task Force will:

  • Build workforce development and education partnerships in cybersecurity
  • Host a cybersecurity summit at the Capitol
  • Create a report highlighting regional and/or sector-specific best practices in cybersecurity
  • Conduct formal business surveys to learn how to incentivize better cybersecurity practices
  • Incorporate cybersecurity research into the existing state innovation infrastructure
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While organized efforts like this can make a big difference, so can individual awareness and precautions. Whether you’re interested in Apple (the most-phished brand) or Jimmy Kimmel (the most dangerous celebrity to search online), cyber security is imperative. As with breast cancer, we all are impacted and we all need to join the fight. To ready yourself, your family and your community, start the fight with Stop. Think. Connect.

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