Artificial Intelligence: Make it Ethical, Explainable, and Efficient

In a series on TechTarget's IoT Agenda, I discuss the 3 E's of artificial intelligence: ethical, explainable, and efficient.

In a three-part series on TechTargets IoT Agenda I explore the three most critical topics related to artificial intelligence: ethics, explainability and efficiency. I called this the 3 E’s of AI and you can read the full series here

Eliminating Bias

In the first article, First an Intro to Ethical Artificial Intelligence, I explore the challenge of delivering truly ethical AI and why it requires closely examining each data class separately. As data scientists, we must demonstrate to ourselves and the world that AI and machine learning technologies are not subjecting specific populations to bias.

Explainability is Everything

In the second piece, Creating Explainable Artificial Intelligence, I talk about why explainability is everything. Essentially, explainable latent features and blockchain make complex AI models understandable to human analysts at companies and regulatory agencies––a crucial step in speeding ethical, highly predictive AI technology into production.

Realizing the Benefits

Finally, in the third article, How to Deploy Efficient Artificial Intelligence, I explain why efficient AI is essential in propelling a company’s realization of the benefits delivered by ethical AI and explainable AI.

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