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ATM card compromises…Just the facts

In a recent post, I discussed the recent rise in card compromises resulting from attacks on bank ATMs. Did you know that…

  • The time delay from ATM skimming to unauthorized withdrawals/purchases has decreased from about 30 days in 1999 to mere hours in 2010?
  • Factory-installed ATM cameras can easily be disabled or evaded by fraudsters, and the ATM often still continues working when the camera is not operating?
  • ATMs can be controlled by a savvy hacker with a network connection or even a USB key? (One even made an ATM eject money like a slot machine!)
  • The very low-tech physical removal of an ATM from its foundation—aka “ram raids”— is still the second-largest threat to ATM security?
  • Blocking and reissuing every at-risk card takes a heavy toll on banks—both in actual costs ($3.50 to $30 per reissue) as well as loss of confidence by cardholders?

Get the facts—and insight into the best countermeasures—in our new Insights white paper on card compromises. Got any interesting facts or insights of your own? Share them on our blog!

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