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Analytics & Optimization Book Excerpt: Intelligent BPM Systems – Impact and Opportunity


In the recently published Intelligent BPM Systems – Impact and Opportunity, an annual BPM and Workflow Handbook Series, I got an opportunity to co-author a chapter on emerging standards in decision modeling. In this excerpt, I give a brief overview of the "decision requirements" level of the newObject Management Group standard DMN (Decision Model & Notation), which allows the structure of a domain of decision making to be represented as a Decision Requirements Diagram (DRD). The chapter in its entirety is available here: Download IBPMS Special Edition Emerging Standards in Decision Modeling. Decision Requirements Modeling DMN provides two distinct but interconnected levels of constructs for modeling decision-making:  the decision requirements level, and the decision logic level. Decision Requirements Level The decision requirements level of DMN allows a domain of decision-making to be modeled at a high level of abstraction, using only four types of elements, corresponding to commonly-used business concepts:  decision, input data,...

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