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Fraud & Security Got Enough Fraud… Models That Is?

Fraud Models

When designing a strategy for detecting and preventing fraud, everyone always comes to the same conclusion—there is no silver bullet. There are simply too many variables, and too much change in technology, customer behavior and fraudsters’ tactics for any one solution to work effectively and sustainably for every organization, no matter how sophisticated. Consequently, experienced fraud management executives are constantly experimenting and evaluating new data sources, scores, models, algorithms and technologies for that competitive edge. They observe customers’ behavior, survey their preferences and maintain a working knowledge of fraudsters’ evolving tactics. The goal is the same for everyone—minimize fraud losses while effectively balancing customers’ experiences and operational expenses. But the exact recipe each organization lands on—the mix of processes, people and products—varies widely and changes constantly. Fraud Models – Five keys to finding the right fraud score Many different providers—whether associations, processors, switches or analytic firms—have begun to offer unique... [Read More]

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