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Risk & Compliance FICO Score XD 2 and Innovations in Financial Inclusion

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I recently had the opportunity to attend LendIt Fintech USA, a leading event discussing financial services innovation.  Some of the top thought leaders in banking, finance, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and credit risk came together in San Francisco to discuss the key trends and innovations in our industry.  The FICO team was excited to lead the Financial Inclusion track that focused on how to responsibly expand credit access to previously unscorable consumers.  In addition, we explored the power of tapping into alternative data in credit scoring in markets across the globe. A key point that the experts underscored during the Financial Inclusion sessions at LendIt was that expanding financial inclusion is a win-win proposition.  Consumers benefit through more affordable borrowing options, while lenders benefit by growing their customer base.  At a macroeconomic level, broader financial inclusion can benefit entire countries through the economic growth that greater access to credit can... [Read More]

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