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Risk & Compliance LIFECARD Uses FICO Score to Grant More Credit

Enhancing Credit Assessment for Existing Customers

Enhancing Credit Assessment for Existing Customers LIFECARD, a credit card company with more than 5.7 million accounts, is the first lender in Japan to adopt the FICO® Score to enhance its credit assessment for existing customers. Calculating an appropriate and timely offer for a credit limit increase is made more accurate by reassessing customers with the FICO® Score, which analyzes their  credit bureau data from all their credit accounts. LIFECARD is also using the FICO® Score to realize risk and cost reduction by better evaluating credit risk eligibility. Shinichiro Okuyama, executive officer at LIFECARD, said, “Growth in the Japanese banking market continues to be hard-won. A contracting population, ultra-low interest rates, shrinking margins and constrained demand mean that lenders need to find opportunities for innovation. To grow our share-of-wallet we needed a way to differentiate our approach to lending, and offering proactive credit limit increases and personal loan offers to our... [Read More]

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Risk & Compliance Money 20/20 Sits Down with FICO CEO Will Lansing

Money 2020

FICO CEO Will Lansing recently sat down with Money 20/20 following his keynotes at this year’s premier payments and fintech event.  He answered a few pressing questions on new innovations in credit scoring, the evolution of consumer permissioned data, and how consumers are changing the lending industry.  Hear first-hand his key takeaways from the 2018 Money 20/20 U.S. event in the video below.

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Analytics & Optimization FICO Recognized as a Leader in Digital Decisioning Platforms


More and more, businesses realize that treating every customer interaction as “one size fits all” is a recipe for irritating them, losing their attention, and ultimately having a competitor take them away. Conversely, consumers are more likely to be loyal to those brands that demonstrate empathy and understanding of what matters to the customer. When FICO introduced “Decision Management” as an integrated technology and analytics platform offering several years ago, it empowered organizations to codify their interaction logic, empower it with predictive and prescriptive analytics, and rapidly build and deploy scalable, 360-degree customer engagement solutions. A platform approach allowed them to connect and ultimately centralize decisions across business units and functions, powered by business users who could test and deploy scenarios and strategies, without needing IT or other specialized assistance. As the centralized model gains traction throughout the entire business, customer engagement is powered by a “sense and respond” model... [Read More]

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Risk & Compliance Exploring New Frontiers in Credit Risk Scoring at Money 20/20

Money 2020

One of the most exciting events in the financial services industry is coming in October – Money 20/20, Oct. 21-24th in Las Vegas. Industry leaders and innovators in the Payments, FinTech and Financial Services will be at the event to discuss the ways the industry is revolutionizing the future of money. As a leader in analytics and credit scoring, FICO will be there to showcase thought leadership and new innovations in credit scoring, fraud, originations, and more. FICO CEO Will Lansing will also be speaking during two keynote sessions at the event, including a panel around the power of consumer-controlled data to broaden financial inclusion. Join us at the two can’t miss keynote sessions below on Wednesday, October 24th: October 24 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific: Wake up with the CEO The buck stops with the CEO, so when it comes to understanding the road ahead it is vital to understand... [Read More]

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