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Fraud & Security PSD2 – New Rules for Strong Customer Authentication

PSD2 with question mark

Rather like Brexit, the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is coming and whether you like it or not, it will bring important and sustained changes. In the case of PSD2 those changes will disrupt the way that payments work all around Europe. So, what will the changes be? While much is uncertain, we can highlight some impacts which are almost guaranteed. In particular, those at the rock face of PSD2 agree on Strong Customer Authentication (SCA): Do whatever you can to avoid it. There are good reasons for PSD2 uncertainty. Key parts of the directive aren’t fully documented. More importantly, because the programme has been designed to be open to interpretation, to be flexible, even when it is written down, there is a lot of space for interpretation. And there are plenty of people who want to fill the gaps in to suit their own ambitions. Who will emerge as... [Read More]

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