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Analytics & Optimization Advancing the Field of Prescriptive Analytics

FICO Xpress Mosel

FICO has a long history of using mathematics and advanced analytics to help businesses make better decisions. As pioneers in this space, we’ve always been committed to developing new technology, from the first commercial mathematical modeling language ‘mp-model’ in 1983, to large scale and parallel distributed computing capabilities in the early 2,000s, to the first and only parallel simplex algorithm. Since 2012 we have  been putting the power of advanced analytics, optimization, and prescriptive analytics into the hands of business users with Xpress Insight. It is with great pride that I share another step forward in our mission. Last week we announced that FICO Xpress Mosel, the leading optimization modeling, analytic orchestration, and programming language is now open and available to everyone free of charge. From the boardroom to the classroom, anyone can now create optimization models to solve problems more efficiently and make better business decisions based on data.... [Read More]

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Analytics & Optimization Are You Doing Innovative Things with Optimization Technology? Enter to Win


Are you an operations researcher, a management scientist, an analytic expert or a data scientist? Are you using mathematical optimization to increase efficiency and enhance economic and life pursuits? It’s time to recognize your innovative thinking and implementation abilities. Today we are issuing a call for entries for our inaugural Optimize the Real World competition, with three $10,000 prizes. We are looking to recognize and celebrate the most innovative and exceptional applications of mathematical optimization in the real world. You are invited to nominate projects that make you proud. From utilities to transportation, retail to sports and entertainment, optimization is transforming the way businesses function and the way business executives make decisions. Given the creative approaches being applied by operations researchers today, we can hardly wait to see the nominations. Nominations will be judged by a panel of our optimization experts for originality, business benefit, formulation robustness, and mathematical programming and solution quality. The...

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Analytics & Optimization The Modern Day Sports Schedule Makers: The Science and Art of Solving Massive Analytic Problems


For 23 seasons, starting in 1982, Holly and Henry Stephenson, a husband and wife duo, were the masterminds behind the Major League Baseball (MLB) schedule. The Stephensons were profiled in an ESPN 30 for 30 Shorts film, which describes how the couple, with a computer, a pencil, and a whole lot of permutations and variables, took on the daunting and thankless job of MLB scheduling from an upstairs bedroom in their Staten Island home. In 2005, Holly and Henry were replaced by analysts specializing in computational methods in optimization. These modern day schedule makers with “random” computational optimization scheduling software were blamed for issues in subsequent MLB schedules. For example, the film points out that the 2013 Yankees season ended at an away game in Houston, which also happened to be the last game played by Yankees great Mariano Rivera. Of course, Rivera announced his retirement after the 2013 season schedule was set, he could have retired anytime during the season, and the Yankees didn’t even make the postseason! Hardly a snafu by modern...

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