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Customer Engagement Interactive Voice Response: Press 1 for the Power of Storytelling


Ever get caught in the seemingly infinite loop of an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system? It can make the caller feel like they are living Dante’s Inferno. But IVR doesn’t have to be painful or frustrating for your customers. In early November, we held our European Customer Communications Services (formerly Adeptra) Annual Conference at Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in London, where experts shared actionable ideas around energizing the customer experience. One of our guest speakers was Nick Barre, from Podium and a communications coach. He presented on “The Power of Speech,” which focused on the key idea that the relationship with our customers begins with that first call. The customer connection is made by getting them to stay on the line, and then getting them to share information so that their issue can be resolved. He highlighted how different scripts and voices help illustrate how to adapt our communication with customers in order to achieve the best possible outcome, whether through IVR or a living, breathing call center agent. Every call has its...

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