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Bankcard and Auto Industry Versions of FICO® Score 10 Now Available

Following the release of the FICO® Score 10 Suite for lenders in 2020, FICO has announced the general availability of industry-specific versions of FICO® Score 10 for U.S. auto lenders and credit card issuers. The industry-tailored scores in the FICO® Score 10 suite are now available from all three major U.S. credit bureaus.

Developed using recent data, FICO® Bankcard Score 10 and FICO® Auto Score 10 reflects FICO’s practice of continual innovation to address market and data evolutions. Leveraging FICO’s heritage of scoring expertise, the new models outperform prior FICO industry version scores in key use cases while providing the same trusted user and consumer experience as prior versions.

The powerful new industry score versions provide predictive lift over all previous versions of FICO® Auto Scores and FICO® Bankcard Scores while retaining continuity with time-tested minimum scoring criteria. FICO® Bankcard Score 10 provides lenders the opportunity to safely and responsibly expand access to credit, offering even more precision in predicting risk for new and existing card accounts with strong performance in supporting retail card lending decisions in lower score ranges. The FICO® Auto Score 10 provides strong performance for prime thin and new-to-credit files many of who maybe first-time auto borrowers.

The FICO® Score is the independent standard measure of consumer credit risk used by 90% of the top U.S. lenders and is provided free to consumers through hundreds of lenders via the FICO® Score Open Access Program.

To learn more about the latest FICO® Score 10 versions for auto and bankcard, visit:

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