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Big Data in the Service of Customers

By Josh Hemann

Next month I am speaking on two panels at SOCAP International's premier conference, Symposium 2013. SOCAP is a global community of customer care experts. Its mission is to advocate for customer centricity as a basis for competitive advantage across industries. SOCAP has had this mission since the early 1970s, and 40 years later that mission has never been more central to the health of retail and CPG companies.

As I prepare for the conference with various members of SOCAP – many of whom are executives and directors of customer-focused business units in large companies – I have been impressed with just how much the notion of making life better for the customer permeates our discussions. Some of the complaints I had in my last post about Big Data marketing would be preaching to the choir here. The theme that keeps coming through is that Big Data is one more (big) opportunity to act in service of the customer, to make their transactions easier and their overall experiences more rewarding.

I'll write more about these topics in coming weeks. In the meantime, go sign up for the conference! Better still, come be part of the discussion in the panels I'll be on:

You'll be well-grounded heading into FICO World and its theme of Big Data and the customer revolution!

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