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Blog survey results

Thanks to everyone who responded to the blog survey - got a few interesting results.

  • Most of the responders use the RSS feed, followed by email and "couple of times a week"
    No big surprise as those who are regulars more likely to respond to the blog.
  • The bookshelp, blogroll, and category cloud were the least popular sections
    And the one's most suggested for removal from the main page. Clearly category clouds are trendy but not useful!
  • The main page, comments, and links were most commonly used
    Interestingly people did not use the category pages as much as I expected and they used archives more. Hmmm.
  • The most requested additions were most popular posts and the most recent posts in each category
    A drop down list of categories and the last date I posted to each were also interesting requests.
  • Business Rules, Insurance, Financial Services and the Business Rules FAQ were the most popular categories
  • Analytic Applications, Business Agility, BI, Case Studies, Decision Yield, the EDM FAQ and SOA were next
  • Telecom and BPO were the least popular and I got one request to add a category on Business Modeling
    I will look into the business modeling idea
  • I got a few suggestions for extra blogs but would love to know what other blogs you all read

Look for some of these suggestions to be implemented in the new design.


For details, read the rest of the post.

How did responders usually read the blog?


Most popular categories


What did they currently use, in order:

  • The main, front page
  • Useful Links
  • Comments
  • Archives
  • Category page(s)
  • Blogroll
  • Category Cloud
  • Bookshelf

Most requested features, in order:

  • Most popular post list
  • Recent posts by category
  • Drop-down list of categories
  • Last date posted to category
  • lists
  • posts

Features most suggested for removal from the home page:



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