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Blogging from InterACT

This week I am at Fair Isaac's show on Enterprise Decision Management, InterACT. I will be presenting some sessions and attending others and will try and blog as I go. Hopefully Ian and Rahul, both of whom are also here, will be able to blog also.

Just attended the keynotes - Tom Grudnowski (CEO) and Larry Rosenberger (VP R&D and a 32 year veteran of Fair Isaac). This being the 50th anniversary of Fair Isaac's founding and the 30 year anniversary for the show itself there was a fair amount of history as well as some looking into the future.

Some of the things that struck me:

  • More and more industries are starting to use analytics for competitive advantage - it's not just for credit any more
  • The idea that data, expertise and an ability to operationalize a decision can be profitably applied to core business decisions is becoming more mainstream
  • The US is not the only country doing this by any means - some 30+ countries are represented at InterACT this year despite the fact that we did a European one just 6 months ago
  • The folks in analytic R&D are really pushing the envelope. As Larry said (quoting Einstein) "If we knew what we were doing we would not call it research".

So lots to come from the more specific sessions.

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