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Blogging Live from InterACT: Preview

(Posted by Guest Blogger, and PowerPoint jockey, Ian Turvill.)

Next week is Fair Isaac's almost annual European client conference InterACT.  James and I will be presenting.

I'm really looking forward to James's presentation "How EDM Really Works", which is billed as follows:

This session will introduce you to Enterprise Decision Management (EDM): the business discipline of giving high-volume, operational decisions greater precision, consistency and agility. See how your organisation can automate and improve decisions by separating the process of making decisions from your existing business systems. Get an introduction to different kinds of analytics – descriptive, predictive and decision – and see how they can lead to more precise and profitable decisions. We’ll show case studies of how companies have applied Enterprise Decision Management across the customer lifecycle to grow more profitably. This introductory session is intended for business-level decision makers and those looking for an overview.

I will be presenting "How to Calculate Your Decision Yield", along with John Sandifer, who leads our financial services practice in Europe, and Joe LaLuzerne, who is instrumental in our corporate strategy.  It is described thus:

How do you turn "decisions" from an abstract concept into a competitive advantage? Through its work in multiple industries, Fair Isaac has developed both a structured approach to delivering Enterprise Decision Management and a multi-faceted metric called the "Decision Yield." If you're interested in taking a holistic look at the way your company makes decisions today, and how to measure the results of new processes and technologies, join us for an overview of best practices in EDM.

I believe Fair Isaac will be making recordings of every presentation, and I'm hoping that we will be able to make the more interesting excerpts from these recordings available through our Decisions Podcast.  James and I also intend to divvy up the most pertinent sessions between us and report on them "LIVE" from InterACT, as has been our practice in the past.

If you won't be coming to Lisbon next week, then you should certainly consider attending our North American InterACT conference, which takes place in San Francisco, May 15-18.  It is even bigger than our European event, and this year it features dedicated one day tracks on the use of EDM in particular industries outside financial services, including insurance, retail, telecom, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals, as well as our traditional emphasis on financial services.  We've even introduced a new track on Customer Centricity, which is hot topic at firms across many industries.

These tracks are in addition to our regular focus on the technologies and approaches of Enterprise Decision Management including rules, analytics, optimization, and decision automation, as well as specific sessions on Fraud and (yet more) Analytics. 

Make sure you register soon!

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