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Building the World’s Best Fraud Management Team

When just one of your products protects more than 2.6 billion payment cards worldwide, you need a world-class team. At FICO, we not only have the best fraud product team ever – led by my fellow blogger TJ Horan — and an unbeatable analytics team — led by FICO’s chief analytics officer, Scott Zoldi — but we have the best team of salespeople and consultants in the business.

And our fraud management team is growing. In fact, across product development, sales and our Fair Isaac Advisors consultancy group, our fraud team has grown by 23% over the last year, to nearly 200 people.

The growth in the product team is critical, as we innovate in areas such as our new machine learning algorithms that improved CNP fraud detection by 30%. They build not only our FICO Falcon Fraud Manager solution but our solutions for application fraud, cybersecurity and more. Their work is the reason why Chartis recently named us a category leader in enterprise fraud and AML solutions. Their innovations in AI are the best fraud detectives in the business, as noted in a new Lafferty article.

For our sales team, we just added Mark Anderson and Mark Wert to support our fraud solution sales to processors and Canadian clients, respectively. Both Marks graduated from Feedzai to the big leagues.

We needed to grow our consultancy team based on our customers’ demand. In 2017 alone, FICO fraud advisors worked with 64 businesses in 28 countries across six industries.

Our fraud advisors have done more than 600 advisory projects for clients in banking, insurance, healthcare, auto, retail, telco and government across 45 countries. They came from the industry and ran fraud, strategy or analytics for some of the best banks and insurers before joining our team. We have folks in the US, UK, Canada and Singapore.

All these teams pulling together help our clients achieve extraordinary results. Just for instance, UBS Card Center in Switzerland just won a FICO Decisions Award for their work using our AI, machine learning and adaptive analytics innovations to stop 74% more fraud.

When it comes to helping businesses fight fraud and financial crime, nobody does it better.

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