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Business rules benefits SOA - more proof

Reading my ADT newsletter I saw this article - JBoss Drools over SOA. In particular it says:

By incorporating the Drools project, JEMS will enable dynamic processing and intelligent routing within business processes based on service level agreements or other business rules, Fricke says

Now this is great - I have argued that SOA and business rules are a great partnership and so I was delighted to see JBoss come to the same conclusion. I don't have much to add beyond what I have said before on SOA.

One other thing I met Charles Forgy yesterday when he came by the Blaze Advisor office. Since our acquisition of RulesPower we have begun to integrate RETE III (not the RETE I in most other products including Drools) into the Blaze Advisor product and it was a blast to meet the man himself - very cool!

Lastly I have made some comments on JESS v commercial rules products here and some of these comments apply to Drools too but I am not as familiar with Drools (yet).

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