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Business Rules Management Systems as Matchmaker?

(Posted by Guest Blogger, Gib Bassett)

Yesterday I noticed this headline on DM Review’s website, “IT and Business Managers Universally Out of Sync,” and was immediately reminded of how an Enterprise Decision Management (EDM) approach to business rules actually brings these two groups of people together to achieve a common objective.  The benefits of Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS) are many, but I had never thought about them in the context of solving a larger corporate problem such as the effect of business/IT communication on technology adoption.

The article cites a recent study by Info-Tech Research Group and KnowledgeStorm that concludes “IT managers' 'tech talk' baffles business managers and fails to communicate IT imperatives” and it “…will impact IT adoption moving forward.”  The study indicates that IT has an easier time selling initiatives to the business that are focused on operations or efficiencies, than those with a less technological connotation (like customer acquisition).

You could say that these types of firms represent the majority in their respective markets, and that a smaller percentage of more progressive IT organizations have less difficulty selling business centric initiatives.  Moreover, you could say that the majority would like to emulate those more progressive IT organizations, but that is by far easier said than done.

A step in the right direction for these firms would be adopting an EDM approach to BRMS, which separates rules from operational systems and provides for collaboration between IT and business users in the maintenance of rules.  Immediate benefits can include increased system performance and staff productivity, while longer term the growing relationship between IT and business users can make selling new IT initiatives easier.

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