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-- Posted by Carole-Ann

 With the new school year starting (and my return from extended vacation), I thought it would be appropriate to review a few highlights of the business rules activity...

In January, Blaze Advisor received the 2008 Best BRMS of the year award from Infoworld -

A few months later, Yphise, an independent ISO-9000 analyst firm, ranked Blaze Advisor as the "best software product" for Business Rule-based Decision Management (BRDM) when compared with other competing products.  You can read about it here: and download the report there

The Insurance industry recognized Blaze Advisor and SmartForms at the 2008 ACORD-LOMA show in Las Vegas with the "Innovative Implementation Award".  See the details at

If you are interested in learning more on BRMS technology, as well as the broader Decision Management area, I recommend you check those shows:
  • Business Rules Forum in Orlando FL (Oct 26-30 2008) - This is the premier show for BRMS.  It always features lots and lots of customer testimonials, brings all BRMS vendors "under one roof", and allows for a fair amount of peer networking.  If you are considering starting using business rules or want to check what people are doing today with those technologies, I recommend you attend this show

  • October Rules Fest in Dallas TX (Oct 22-24 2008) - This is a technical show where you will have the opportunity to meet with "la creme de la creme" in terms of BRMS.  Those are not the typical marketing guys but really the people behind the scene that make the technology and drive the innovation.  I look forward to the show!  If you want to hear from those gurus, register there

There are a number of other software shows of course but those are the only places that really focus on BRMS.  See you there!

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