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Buying a Collections System - What Vendors Won’t Tell You #3

This is question #3 in your handy guide to shopping for a collections system. I’m offering 10 tips — things most vendors won’t tell you that are absolutely critical to selecting the right system.

What’s required in the infrastructure build?

The details of the underlying system infrastructure are critical to success, which is why the implementation lead should take time to uncover exactly what’s required in the infrastructure build of the collection platform. System performance, backup memory and recovery, hardware and software specifications, maintenance and other aspects should be discussed and analyzed.

The hidden costs to watch out for here are the costs of additional environments. You’ll probably require environments for production, test and training. Each of these environments will have associated costs that should be flushed out. The disaster recovery plan you put in place will include additional costs as well.

Consider a support arrangement with your software vendor to assist in monitoring your infrastructure on a regular basis. This limits the amount of finger-pointing when issues surface!

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