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Can and Should Business Rules Save American Jobs?

I was involved in an intriguing meeting yesterday where the major concern is the loss of traditional American jobs, today and for the forseeable future.  The discussion began with how many IT functions are disappearing from the American landscape and whether and when corresponding business functions will do the same.  What does this mean for American businesses?  Should this be happening or are parts of it a mistake?

The discussion then centered on "Knowledge Management" with emphasis on capturing and managing the way American companies "think" and "build their businesses."  The discussion then talked about business rules as the way any company defines itself and stewards itself through changes.  A preliminary conclusion was that Knowledge and Business Rules Management should aim at core business logic and core business "personality" and be driven from core business values in the home country (or countries).  This will retain core business knowledge with the core business leaders while implementation and support can occur elsewhere.

This could be an explosive topic, on both sides.  So: Are BRs an asset that should be managed on-shore (in whatever country the on-shore is)?  Is anyone else concerned about the loss of such management to American (and other) businesses?  Are we giving away too much of the store for the good of the companies?



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