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Analytics & Optimization Using Xpress Insight to Operationalize Analytics

xpress insight

Operationalize Analytics: Xpress Insight turns advanced analytic assets into a fully functioning application for business users. Industry Today recently asked me to contribute an article about getting the maximum value out of analytics. And, in my experience, the biggest hurdle to maximizing the use of data to create greater business value is being able to operationalize analytics throughout an organization. This means creating a collaborative, scalable, transparent process for getting advanced analytics out of the lab and into the everyday business, this is the only way to truly operationalize and get maximum business value from analytic investments. I wanted to follow the article up with a specific example of something we offer at FICO, and that’s Xpress Insight. Xpress Insight is a decision support application that enables data scientists to rapidly deploy any advanced analytic or optimization model as a business application. Across industries, data scientists create powerful models to solve... [Read More]

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