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Check Your Organization's Cybersecurity Score — For Free

There’s a lot of buzz about cybersecurity ratings — measures of a firm’s cybersecurity risk — but most businesses don’t understand how they work or know how they rank. We think it’s absolutely critical that they do. That’s why we announced today that we are making our own cybersecurity score free of charge to companies worldwide.

Now any company can vet the accuracy of their cybersecurity score before they’re unknowingly assessed by other organizations in their supply chain. As insurers begin using these scores in pricing cybersecurity insurance and as organizations start using ratings to vet supply chain and partner risk, businesses will need to vet the details used to assess their security posture — just as consumers check their FICO Score before applying for loans.

Getting your score is easy. You can sign up for a free subscription to the Portrait portal of the FICO® Enterprise Risk Suite, which gives you access to your firm’s FICO® Enterprise Security Score.

In fact, you can do more than just benchmark your cybersecurity score and see how business partners and insurers would view your cybersecurity posture. You can also curate the assets upon which your firm’s score is based. Again, just as consumers can review their credit bureau file to make sure the information that goes into their FICO Score is accurate, you can make sure that your FICO Enterprise Security Score is based on the right assets.

We are the first ratings provider to bring total transparency and self-service asset curation to the process of cybersecurity risk assessment. It’s part of our commitment to doing this right. We are also part of a consortium of industry leaders that worked with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to develop new guiding principles for cybersecurity ratings.

For a simple view of what goes into your cybersecurity score, see this infographic:

Chart showing what goes into a FICO Enterprise Security Score.

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