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CIO Insight and EDM

Saw this interesting piece in CIO Insight - Top 30 Trends - and a number of them caught my eye.

  • Trend 2: Necessity Is the Mother of Velocity talks about teal-time decisions and change and improved agility for business processes. This is reinforced by Trend 26: Process Management Revs Up
    • Well Business Agility is one of the core benefits of an EDM approach, enabled by the use of a rules management platform.
    • Real-time decisions realistically means automated decisions - the odds that a person can make a decision in "real time" for a customer when that customer lives in the modern 24x7 world seem slim.
    • Business rules add agility to business processes. Sometimes process agility means having a process that changes quickly, sometimes it means running the same process with a different decision.
  • Trend 3: The Web Becomes the Front Line For Customer Service Their goal is to provide an alternative service channel, rather than a cheap replacement for their customer service reps. CIOs claim customers are happy with their use of the Web and other technologies for customer service. Expect to see companies experiment with new ways to help customers via the Internet.
    • This kind of advanced customer service is directly enabled by EDM. Only by automating some of the key decisions that drive customer interactions can you enabled self-service.
    • Think about all those times your website says "Please call the 800 number for that" or when your call center reps have to refer someone up the line. What if those decisions were automated? How much more empowered would your customers be?
  • Trend 4: Focusing IT on Innovation Will Come Back Into Vogue
    • But how will IT find the time if it continues to drown in a sea of maintenance requests? Only if the legacy systems can be modernized in a way that reduces maintenance, with business rules for example, will innovation be possible.
  • Trend 7: The Hunger for Analysis and Intelligence Will Keep Growing But the extent to which that potential is met will depend on how well the BI system connects to strategy and user needs, including the need to make these systems easier to use.
    • No matter how easy you make the BI systems to use, they still won't help the entry-level staff who serve your customers directly or the websites your customers use. For this you need to take that analysis and turn it into predictive analytics that can be embedded in analytic applications.
  • Trend 20: Compliance Is the New Alignment and Trend 21: Compliance Moves From Panic to Process
    • So not only is compliance going to be a hot topic, so is automating it.
    • EDM, and business rules, are ideal for this kind of compliance automation. Procedures, regulations, policies can all be developed by those who understand them without the impedance caused by translating them to code.

So, EDM addresses many of these key themes. Enjoy.

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