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CIOs will get pressure for EDM, not just BI

This InfoWorld article CIOs will see pressure for BI from executives struck me as interesting. I think that not only will the increase in data put pressure on them to deliver more BI, it will also:

  • Force CIOs to develop systems and services that can be altered to reflect new realities as quickly as their BI/BAM infrastructure can tell the business that such a change is needed
  • Make business owners wonder why their systems are so ignorant of what the data tells them so clearly - if the business owner can use BI to figure out which cross-sell is working, why can't the website?

These drivers, and others, will lead companies to evaluate Enterprise Decision Management as well as improve their BI infrastructure:

The business rules management systems needed for EDM will give them the responsive systems they need to help business users update systems as quickly as they can find out something is wrong and the predictive analytics will let them embed the same smarts in their operational systems as they deliver to their decision-makers.

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