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Collections 101: How to Find Obvious Collectable Debt

This just amazes me. With all the pressure on collections today, people don’t go looking for obvious collectable debt in their system.

I have walked into collections operations and said I will find you $1 million you can collect. I haven’t even looked at your system, but I can do it because you’re NOT doing it.

And it’s so simple. Here’s how to do it:

Get a list of everyone who has paid you money in the last six months, but who you have not called or contacted in the last two months. Build a queue and start calling.

These are the people most likely to pay you. But you haven’t reminded them recently.

It’s so obvious you might be thinking, why doesn’t everyone do this already? In many cases, the collector working the account doesn’t realize a payment came in.

This is Collections 101: A payment is the #1 reason to call someone back.

There it is – my million-dollar giveaway to you. Why not respond (anonymously) and let me know if you found some money?

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