Collections Optimization and Ethical Debt Management at Ultimo

Collections optimization from FICO will help leading Polish ethical debt management agency improve results for borrowers and lenders

Marek Czystołowski at Ultimo SA


Debt remediation is at the forefront of the financial services industry’s response to the pandemic, and this is leading collections operations to advanced analytics such as collections optimization. Case in point: Ultimo SA, one of the largest debt management companies in Poland and a part of B2 Holdings, will use FICO collections treatment optimization to take the ideal treatment path for each borrower.

Using advanced mathematical optimization from FICO, Ultimo will be able to identify the best, most sustainable collections strategy for each borrower, from among dozens or even hundreds of potential options.

“Our mission is to help people get out of debt,” said Marek Czystołowski, Chief Operating Officer at Ultimo. “We are members of the Association of Financial Companies in Poland, we follow the Association’s Principles of Good Debt Collection Practices, and each year we receive the Association’s Ethical Audit Certificate. As an ethical debt management agency, we need the best way to serve our financial services partners and their customers, and using FICO’s advanced data science will help us do just that. We are complementing Ultimo’s market-leading collections expertise with innovative data science.”

Collections treatment optimization helps organizations of all sizes strike a balance between loss reduction, resource challenges, and operational constraints to help maximize profitability, meet regulatory requirements, and manage customer satisfaction. It can be leveraged across the collections spectrum — from pre-delinquency and early stage collections through later stage and recovery activities. Using collections treatment optimization, lenders and debt collection agencies can easily and confidently choose the best decisions for account placements, settlements, channel selection, and other strategic treatment decisions.

We are proud to support Ultimo’s ethical debt resolution with our AI-powered optimization. As Jens Dauner, FICO vice president and managing director for DACH and Central and Eastern Europe says, "There has never been a more important time to ensure every collections decision is the best possible decision."

Read more about the importance of collections optimization today in recent posts from FICO's Bruce Curry and in this post: What Is Collection Treatment Optimization?

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