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Congratulations to EDM-Driven MyCokeRewards

(Posted by Guest Blogger, and Six Cans A Day Man, Ian Turvill.)

Congratulations to Coca-Cola's which was given the PROMO's 2007 Interactive Marketing Award for "Best Loyalty Marketing". has been described on this blog before, though at the time, while the role that Enterprise Decision Management played in this amazing site was spelled out, the identity of the company involved was not.  However, we've subsequently been able to give much greater prominence to this clever application of EDM in a recent print edition of Fair Isaac's ViewPoints magazine.  (See "See Coke's new marketing platforms bubbles to the surface.")

In its award citation, PROMO says:

The site has brought success on a number of fronts.  One new member registers every four seconds, and users average more than eight minutes per visit. This data is already fueling customization on the site, and is also being used for e-mail and mobile promotions and other types of communication.  “The power of the platform is in this data and how we use that to build the one-on-one relationship,” says Doug Rollins, director of interactive marketing for the program at Coke.

It's good to see recognition for EDM at its best.  Let's raise a glass - of Coke - to their success.

One postscript:  Avid readers of this blog may remember when I converted James into an elf for Christmas.  The OfficeMax site where I performed this feat was also a big winner in this awards program.

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