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Congratulations to our friends at Ohio Casualty

Ohio Casualty was honored with Elite 8 status this year by Insurance and Technology magazine. Ohio Casualty are a long time Blaze Advisor business rules customer and use Blaze Advisor to validate data entered in the PARIS XP system described in the award.

PARIS provides a web-based front-end to the end-customers (mostly agents) where new policy information is entered. As new information is being entered, PARIS XP calls rules services at pre-determined break-points to validate information entered against underwriting rules managed in Blaze Advisor. As a result of this validation process, the rule services may send back "messages" that can be broadly categorized as; “bind”, “do-not-bind”, or “decline”. Agents can then write a policy, refer it for manual underwriting or decline it. After the underwriting process, PARIS XP calls a rating engine and calculates the policy premium.

By using Blaze Advisor to deliver rule services to the system Ohio casualty can manage the underwriting rules explicitly, make changes more easily and deliver consistent underwriting decisions across their agents.

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