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Credit Line Optimization Will Help Akbank Drive Portfolio Growth

FICO is providing credit line optimization to manage the growing consumer credit card portfolio for one of the biggest Turkish retail banks, Akbank.

FICO will configure and develop sophisticated “action-effect” models for Akbank’s retail lending team using FICO® Decision Optimizer to manage their initial credit line assignment and the on-going limits for Akbank’s consumer credit card portfolio. The Akbank team can use the technology to choose an operating point that meets their objectives and constraints.

Akbank, with more than 750 branches and 12,000 staff, will also tap into FICO's expertise to create an optimization centre of excellence. FICO will train the bank's in-house team so they can build their own applications for other areas,  such as loan amount and pricing optimization, customer-based limit optimization and restructuring optimization.  

Serhan Pak, Akbank’s senior vice president, Retail Lending, said: “We view optimization as a strategic tool for Akbank, as we build on excellence in credit analytics to reach our strategic goals. The robustness of FICO’s analytic technology and the fact that their optimization applications are in use worldwide made them a natural choice for us.”

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