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CRM, and rules, at the ATM

Wincor Nixdorf will unveil a new customer relationship management solution that will interact with ATMs, at the annual BAI Retail Delivery Conference Tuesday. The company's ProClassic/ProSales CRM software will give credit unions and banks the ability to make direct, personalized contact with customers at the ATM, including advertisements, messages, surveys or other information. With ProClassc/ProSales, the customer's response is delivered directly to the marketing system and acts as a link between the institution's existing CRM system and its ATM network. This will help the financial institution to generate revenue through third-party advertising, reduce advertising costs and increase customer loyalty through personalized marketing and sales campaigns.

This is fascinating to me as I presented on this very topic - how to push truly personalized decisions to the point of contact with a customer (e.g. an ATM) at InterACT Budapest recently. What is interesting to me is that the CRM system and the ATM network are just two of the channels a bank might use for this.

  • What about the statements and bills that get printed and sent? Would it make sense for them to have personalized offers?
  • What about the website when someone is using online banking?
  • What about mobile phones and other wireless devices?
  • What about tellers in the branch or agents representing the bank?

Clearly there are many channels and the need to be consistent across them, as well as precise in the targeting of them (using analytics) is key. Equally the pace of change in the market means that agility, the ability to change the offer(s) rapidly, is important. This combination of precision, consistency and agility delivered across multiple channels by separating out decisioning from processing is what EDM is all about and would deliver the benefits highlighted in the article, and more.

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