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Customer-Focused Collections at Absa Bank

Old ways of collecting overdue debt ruined customer relationships. Today's banking leaders are looking for ways to pursue customer-focused collections.

One of these is Absa Bank, one of South Africa's Big Five banks. In this short video recorded at FICO World 2018, Tejal Desai, head of collections at Absa Bank, explains how they will use FICO Debt Manager to help them pursue customer-focused collections.

As Desai puts it, "One of the strategic reasons for us to do that is to get us to engage with our customers in a more strategic ways, to better understand our customers and to make sure that whatever collections strategies and treatments we are running are focused on the aim of how can we help the customer. We’re very focused on how do we assist our customers and actually be their partner in rehabilitating them. The Debt Manager tool will provide us with the insights and capabilities to achieve that."

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