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Customer Intent Driven Organizations

In an interesting Gartner report, The Next Phase of CRM Is a Customer-Intent-Driven Organization, Michael Maoz about moving CRM to an intent-driven organization. He talks about matching the intent of a customer to the intent of the enterprise. Reading through this, something you will need to be a Gartner subscriber to do, it seemed to me that several things are essential if one is to match the intent of one's customers to one's own intent in a profitable way.

  • Customer-centric information
  • Predictions of likely intent or response based on accurate predictive models
  • Automation to make customer interactions easier, more seamless and more focused on what the customer wants, when the customer wants it
  • A flexible engine for letting an organization to express its intent and have these expressions be managed by the business and deployed to all channels
  • Deep personalization that applies rules to everything known about a customer to deliver targeted interactions that repay the customer's investment in giving information.

In otherwords, CRM + EDM can lead to an intent-driven organization.

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