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Cybercops & robbers: Digital posses to bust bank bandits has covered recent news on joint anti-crime efforts between FICO and the FBI Bandit Shield program, quoting FICO fraud blogger John Buzzard. Here's an excerpt:

Bank robbers lost their cool when six-guns went out of style, but they’re still just as dangerous: In 2010 alone, 90 people were taken hostage and 16 killed during 5,546 bank robberies. Bank robbers also stole over $44 million in loot -- of which only $8 million or so was recovered.

Banks maintain a range of security measures, including surveillance cameras, guards and dye packs. But the latest weapon may finally stop robbers in their tracks: a cyberposse of crime-fighting citizens.

Read the full article: "Cybercops and robbers: Digital posses to bust bank bandits," or John's blog post on how FICO is teaming up with the FBI.

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