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Cybersecurity: 5 Tips to Protect Your Mobile Device

Your phone is a target for hackers. Cybersecurity depends on you - don't become the next data breach victim. Vickie Miller, FICO’s chief information security officer, offers these tips:

1.  Don’t allow your mobile device to make automatic connections to networks.  You should always be prompted to join unknown networks.

2.  Use a passcode to lock your device.

3.  If you are banking or shopping on your phone, make sure the URL in the web browser begins with HTTPS (the S is for security).

4.  Only install apps from reputable portals.  These portals (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Blackberry) perform reviews of all apps that are submitted for sale to make sure they do not contain malicious code.

5.  Turn off geolocation features on unnecessary or untrusted applications that might post your current location to social media or other sites. Other people don’t need to know you are far away from home.

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