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Cybersecurity: How to Protect Yourself Online (Video)

Want to protect yourself online – and protect your family – from data compromise and identity theft?

FICO’s Doug Clare, vice president for cybersecurity solutions, offers some advice in this interview with NBC King 5 News in Seattle. He was interviewed in conjunction with his talk at the US Chamber of Commerce Cybersecurity Series, where he spoke about cyber risk and third-party risk management.


“It’s important for consumers to realize that when they do business with somebody, they may be doing business with more than one party,” Clare said. “Everybody’s got a supply chain.”

For consumers, protection means paying close attention. “It’s important to stay vigilant, particularly about email,” Clare said. “If you get an email with a link, check it out, and don’t click it until you’re sure. Make sure the email is coming from who you think it’s coming from, that the domain name on the email address is correct. Email is a big challenge, be careful.”

Clare also urged viewers, “Have that conversation with your kids and your parents.”

Third-party risk management is a hot issue in the world of cybersecurity, since vulnerabilities in a firm’s supply chain, partner or vendor networks can expose sensitive data. It’s estimated that half of all data breaches occur through third parties.

According to Ponemon Institute’s 2018 Data Risk in the Third-Party Ecosystem, more than 60 percent of US CISOs have indicated being the victim of a third-party breach incident.

More tips on how to protect yourself online are discussed in this blog post and video.

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