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Decision Management Tools User Group

-- Posted by Carole-Ann

We decided to host a User Group this year for DM Tools products: Blaze Advisor, Model Builder and Xpress for Optimization.

Given the economy and lack of travel budget we expected a reasonable turn around for the show, maybe a bit below our past performance.  What a mistake!!!

Maybe customers realize how impactful Decision Management Tools can be for the enterprise.  Maybe they are looking for even better best practices for optimizing their current usage.  Whatever the reason might be, we have seen record-high registrations this year. 

In response to the high demand we have had to upgrade.  We signed up for larger facilities, we put away our SOLD OUT sign and now accept more registrations.  This is going to be awesome!  I am looking forward to meeting all of you at the user group.  It is a wonderful opportunity to share and learn.  I am excited to see our vision coming through with more and more DM practitioners combining one or more tools in their apps.

See you in Chicago this Fall!

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