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Decisions, decisions, decisions

Phillip Britt over at Destination CRM wrote a nice little piece today about Gareth Herschel's presentation at the Gartner BI show - Decisions, Not Data, Drive CRM Improvements. I was at the Gartner BI show (see these blog entries, using the new Google search button on the blog) but I missed Gareth's presentation. This was a pity as he is a great speaker and very energized around CRM and how to make it effective. From Phillip's article Gareth was clearly focused on the importance of decision-making in CRM - if you cannot improve a decision that why are you collecting all that data? I have blogged more than a few times on similar topics so I won't repeat myself but suggest you take a look at the CRM Section of the blog. The best summary comes with this phrase:

According to Herschel, there are gaps between data collection, analytics, and the technologies that aid execution based on analytics results. Closing these gaps will help enterprises gain more from their CRM investments

Indeed this was the basis of the piece I wrote for Montgomery Research - Automating Customer Treatment Decisions – The Next Leap in CRM (you have to register with them to read it).

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