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"Decisions - The Podcast VII" - This time it's predictive!

Posted by Guest Blogger and Smooth Talker, Ian Turvill

Predictive analytics are an essential element of Enterprise Decision Management.   In the latest edition of Decisions, Fair Isaac's podcast on all matters relating decision automation, I address a number of key questions relating to predictive analytics.  Download DecisionsPodcast.No.7.mp3.   (48:29 min, 33:3 MB). You can also subscribe to the Podcast Feed with this URL.

The whole show is quite long - almost an hour, in fact.  So, to make it easier to digest, we've divided it up into different sections.

You can listen to the entire cast or, if you want to jump ahead to a specific section, all you have to do is move to the appropriate time for that section

Here are the sections and at the times at which they begin:

03:50 1. What is Predictive Analytics?

05:45 2. What are the signs that my business can benefit from Predictive Analytics

08:30 3. What can Predictive help me do?

11:15 4. Who uses Predictive Analytics and how?

14:42 5. How does Predictive Analytics help automate decisions?

16:57 6. How does Predictive Analytics differ from data mining and business intelligence?

20:42 7. What are the types of Predictive Analytics?

27:12 8. How does Predictive Analytics work?

32:42 9. How are models developed?

34:52 10. How much data do I need for Predictive Analytics?

37:42 11. What are the legal issues in using Predictive Analytics?

40:12 12. What makes someone good at building Predictive Analytics?

43:42 13. What makes a good Predictive Analytics provider?

My thanks to James, as the author of much of this material; to Marc Friedland, who adapted it for "pod"; and to Jamie Nelson, who did such a great job in post-production - and isn't the music funky?

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