In-depth look at the distribution of average U.S. FICO® Scores in 2022

The national average FICO Score did not go up for the first time in over a decade, a trend that’s seen at the city and state level across the nation

The national average FICO Score currently sits at 716 as of April 2022, the same as when FICO last reported on it a year ago. Similar FICO Score trends are being observed at city and state levels. This is a change from the previous trend of increasing average FICO Score we have observed over the past several years.

The leveling-off of the average FICO Score this year has been driven by modest changes in key metrics considered by the score:

  • a small uptick in missed payments
  • slightly elevated consumer debt levels
  • an increase in consumers obtaining new credit

While the data we analyzed offers clear evidence of modest increases in default rates on certain products, re-leveraging of consumer debt and an uptick in new account openings, these emerging trends do not seem to be substantial enough in aggregate to materially move the national, state and city FICO® Score distributions downward.

Review FICO’s 2022 Credit Trends in the U.S. by City and State report to understand which states and cities have the highest average score, gain insights on how different states and US cities compare, find out which major city residents are opening new credit most frequently and more.

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