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DM Tools User Group is a Success!

-- Posted by Carole-Ann


What a week it has been!  We got fantastic presenters like Jim Joy from Avnet and Uma Kandasamy from ACS presenting Medicaid Claims Processing, an amazing roster of marquis companies like Oracle, American Airlines, Honeywell, Chubb Insurance and Discover Financial Services, as well as the most acclaimed industry experts like Steve Hendrick (IDC), James Owen (InfoWorld author and chair for October Rules Fest) and Neil Raden (Hired Brains).

Arriving at home, I needed a break though, a little escape from thinking.  While I was wrestling with my sewing machine, it occurred to me how much frustration or satisfaction can result from the performance of the supporting staff.  The more I sew, the more I appreciated the worry-free organization of the User Group.  Don't take me wrong I never underestimated their efforts and skills...

I could have used LinkedIn to post a recommendation for each one of them but since they are such an important part of the success of FICO, I thought it was worth making it in the EDM Blog.

First the project management at large.  We switched responsibilities mid way through and eventually benefited from both being engaged.  Michael Small and Jenn Rigley have been the number one reason we got everything done on time, what I called a worry-free process...  Worry-free from my perspective of course!  I am afraid of being personally responsible for quite a few white hair on their heads!  Without losing their smile they accommodated every single one of my last minute eccentric requests such as finding an ESPN Monday Night Football mp3...  Yes, there is a perfectly good reason for needing that for one of my presentations.

For as long as I have been with Fair Isaac / FICO, I have been totally impressed with our Events team.  Every single detail is anticipated, addressed and perfected.  No surprises (except for a birthday cake at our last San Paulo roadshow).  The show looks great thanks to this team.  There is no other word than kudos to this very professional team: Chrissy Ruiz and Kristen Hinsberger.  The rest of the team is actually as good too, especially my good friend Joy Thomas.

I could go on and on with those acknowledgment but I would surely miss someone since this has been a fantastic team effort.  Content leaders, expo experts and Monopoly table captains have been superb.

Thinking back about my weekend miseries, in the end, I was pretty happy with my new curtains but I will try to forget how much swearing went into it -- believe it or not but none of that came out while organizing the UG ;-)

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