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Do You Want to Hear My Recording of James Taylor?

(Posted by Guest Blogger, and Quasi-James, Ian Turvill.)

I know that you all miss James's more detailed, regular postings while he has put himself into seclusion to finish off his great American novel.

So, in an effort to stave off the feelings of loneliness and rejection, I've just added a new recording to our associated podcast feed.  It features me interviewing James about his forthcoming presentation at Fair Isaac's InterACT Lisbon event: "The Smarter Decisions Conference."

James's session is entitled "How EDM Really Works" and is intended as an introduction to business-level decision makers to the principles and approaches of Enterprise Decision Management.

If you're going to be in Lisbon, then don't miss this session; if you're not already signed up, then perhaps this will be the impetus for you to go.  James offered a special discount to blog readers late in 2006.  To sign up to attend InterACT, please click here.

This podcast is the first of a series of interviews I've recorded to promote the event, and I shall post others once they've completed the post-production process.  (That's when they add the funky music.)

Download: Decisions Podcast #10: How EDM Really Works (10:10 min, 7:03MB, mp3)
You can also subscribe to the Podcast Feed with this URL.

Hopefully, you can download this onto your iPod before you go to bed this evening, and snuggle up listening to James between your ears knowing that everything is all right with the world.

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