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EDM and "the next big thing"

I like the EDS "Next Big Thing" blog and saw this post - Elevator speech about the next big thing

Being able to proactively manage the complexity created by massive change through the application of new levels of automation. We live in a world of exponential change. It is overwhelming our ability to absorb and comprehend what’s going on. Automation and context aware computing techniques will be used to focus on managing our attention, bringing the information to us in a way we can both comprehend and taking appropriate action, wherever we are in the world.

Now when I read this I was struck by how relevant an EDM approach is to delivering on this elevator pitch:

  • Massive complexity requires automation - the complexity is increasingly in decisions and so a focus on automating decisions is required.
  • The use of predictive analytics to predict appropriate actions and of business rules to deliver on these actions is key.
  • The ability to use optimization tools and scenario analysis to both analyze what-if scenarios and plan possible responses to potential changes will be essential to being prepared to cope with the change.

Great elevator pitch Charlie.

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