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The EDM Blog in 2006

So let's review the EDM Blog in 2006

Hope you enjoyed the blog. See you all this year.

Top sections on the blog for 2006:

Business Rules 1934
Business Rules FAQ 1509
Case Study 992
Business Process Management 724
Predictive Analytics 593
Business Intelligence 579
SOA 552
Insurance 516
CRM/Customer Service 476
Legacy Modernization 462
Data Mining 462
Requirements 422
Decision Yield 414
Business Agility 410
Smart Forms 405
Predictive Analytics FAQ 401

Top pages on the blog in 2006

Are BPMS and BRMS complementary or not? 809
Agile Rules? A "conversation" with Scott Ambler 721
Windows Workflow Foundation - rule engines and rule management 638
Why are business rules better than traditional code? 543
The secret of business user rule maintenance 387
What's the difference between Business Rules Management Systems and Business Rules Engines? 369
The future of BPO includes business rules 352
SOA, BPM, CEP and business rules 340
Biztalk, Windows Workflow Foundation and Business Rules 333
Using decisioning to build the bank of the future 306
How do business analysts maintain business rules? 278
Book Review: The business rules revolution 276

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