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EDM Idol: Calling for Entries to the Card Awards

(Posted by Guest Blogger, Ian Turvill.)

Today we announced that Fair Isaac is sponsoring "security and anti-fraud category" at the 2008 UK & Ireland Card Awards program.  Quoting from the promotional catalog:

"The UK and Irish card markets have become ever more challenging in recent years. Consumers are becoming more thoughtful in their spending patterns, spreading payment methods between credit and debit cards and using pre-paid cards as an alternative to gift tokens and cash. At the same time, the emergence of new technology and its application is providing fresh opportunities to all sides of the payment cards industry. To reflect this convergence, The Credit Card Awards has evolved this year into The Card Awards and has opened up some of the categories to the other types of payment card. The focus of the awards remains the same however: to seek out and reward innovation, best practice and customer excellence in the UK and Republic of Ireland."

Certainly, not all of the categories in this program related to Enterprise Decision Management.  But many of them will plainly emphasize analytics and business rules.  Categories that are likely to be of greatest interest to our readers are highlighted below among the overall list:

  • Best new credit card product of the year
  • Best credit card design of the year
  • Best credit card marketing campaign of the year
  • Best pre-paid marketing campaign of the year
  • Best credit card benefits programme of the year
  • Best credit card cross-selling programme of the year
  • Best affinity/co-branded/retail credit card programme
  • Best charity credit card programme
  • Best pre-paid card programme
  • Best business card programme
  • Best corporate social responsibility programme of the year
  • Best online initiative
  • Best security or anti-fraud development
  • Best technology initiative of the year
  • Best industry innovation of the year
  • Best credit card CRM strategy
  • Best achievement in customer service
  • Most responsible credit card lending practices
  • Industry personality of the year

I've attached full details of this program to this posting.  If you are a proud EDM devotee in the world of financial services, and particularly in credit, debit, and pre-paid cards, we encourage you to enter!

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