eDriving Helps Riskiest Drivers Reduce Collision Risk

Leading global digital driver risk management company helps decrease speeding events by 71% and distraction events by 39%

Improved Driving Using Smartphone Telematics and Scoring Analytics 

Every year there are approximately 1.35 million fatalities in traffic collisions worldwide. eDrivingSM, a leading global provider of digital driver risk management programs, has partnered with FICO to create scoring algorithms to capture driving behavior and develop a transformational predictor of a drivers’ risk level designed to help them reduce their risk of future collisions.

The FICO® Safe Driving Score leverages telematics data from driver smartphones to assess risky behaviors. This data is used by the Mentor by eDrivingSM smartphone app, which prescribes in-app training modules and manager coaching designed to address identified areas of risk, to help improve a driver’s score and reduce risk. Analysis confirms that, over six months, drivers initially categorized as very high risk or high risk decreased speeding events by an average 71 percent and distraction events by 39 percent.

You can read more about this story in the full media release.

During 2020, delivery and service sectors faced unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with many companies recruiting additional delivery drivers to accommodate increasing home deliveries and many service organizations adding vehicles to their fleets to enable employees to travel individually.

Mentor’s portability enabled organizations to continue reaching employees who drove for work purposes at this time and helped them promptly incorporate drivers into their safety programs, requiring only a smartphone to begin measuring driver performance and risk levels.

“Since its launch in 2018, Mentor has demonstrated value in sales, service, and delivery sectors on a global scale,” said Ed Dubens, Founder/CEO at eDriving. “Mentor has enabled many organizations to scale while continuing to effectively manage driver risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. Its ease of set-up and use means organizations can quickly benefit from its ability to guide drivers towards safer on-road decisions.”

With the FICO® Safe Driving Score, Mentor uses telematics sensors available in IOS and Android smartphones to collect and analyze data on driving behaviors most predictive of risk. The MentorSM smartphone app requires no in-vehicle installation. The only hardware required is an iOS or Android smartphone. The technology can be used in virtually any location or vehicle, and an added benefit of this is that it moves with the driver, meaning it is suitable for drivers using multiple vehicles, those using “pooled” or shared vehicles, as well as “grey fleet” drivers.  

Driver behaviors such as acceleration, braking, cornering, speeding, and phone distraction, are analyzed after every trip and over time. This “event” data is incorporated in the FICO® Safe Driving Score which predicts the risk of future collisions and delivers an empirically derived evaluation of driver performance. Further, the FICO® Safe Driving Score can be combined by eDriving with other available data insights, including collisions, incidents, license violations and other custom data “universes” (including 3rd party data) to provide an unprecedented, unified view of risk across an organization.

For its achievements, eDriving won a 2021 FICO® Decisions Award for decision management innovation.

eDriving has successfully navigated unprecedented challenges over the last year to be recognized as one of the winners of the FICO Decision Awards. The innovative risk management solution delivers value using a score and a smartphone – making it incredibly appealing to many companies.

“eDriving uses the FICO Safe Driving Score in its smartphone app to provide consistent and fair driver risks assessments. Instead of installing equipment in the car to gather and analyze telematic data, eDriving uses the telematic sensors in an iPhone or Android phone which is far more affordable and practical,” said Lisa Morgan contributing writer at InformationWeek and one of the FICO Decisions Awards judges. “I and the other judges were impressed with eDriving's holistic problem-solving approach. Specifically, eDriving's risk assessments can be used to tailor car insurance, minimize fleet damage risks and improve professional driver oversight. It also helps professional and amateur drivers improve the safety of their driving.”

eDriving Helps Riskiest Drivers Reduce Collision Risk

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