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Enterprise Fraud Award-Winner Speaks at FICO World

Taking an holistic stance when trying to defend against fraud has long been the aspiration of banks keen to minimize loss, improve operational efficiency, and to preserve customer service. But an enterprise-wide approach eludes many, especially those grappling with legacy systems, disparate customer records and multiple stakeholders needed to effect the necessary change.

At FICO World next month you can hear from a senior stakeholder from Garanti Bank about their success in enterprise fraud management. Garanti is known as an innovative and progressive banking organization that has grown to be the second largest in Turkey's vibrant financial services market.

You’ll hear about Garanti’s creation and implementation of an enterprise strategy, and their choice of the FICO Falcon Platform to connect their defenses. Their system protects on-boarding for credit cards and consumer loans as well as transactional management for credit and debit cards and current accounts. Garanti’s success in this endeavor won them the FICO Decision Management Award for 2014 in the Fraud Control category.

Few banks can share real-life experiences of connecting intelligence to fight fraud. Join me as I interview someone who can. I look forward to an engaging session  — to register for FICO world, go to

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